Differences between tradesmen A Real estate agents


There are already different kinds of jobs existing nowadays. There are many opportunities concerning various jobs. Some needs special skills to be accepted in a specific job and some are just plainly learned through training.  Just like being a tradesman, this need some special skills and training also. As they do a kind of manual work. This is more on the physical kind of job. On the other hand, Estate agents are the ones who does the marketing of a product. They also get trainings in order to sharpen their knowledge in selling. Both jobs need training.

An estate agent can sell what tradesman are working. But tradesman cannot do the work of an estate agent. Both do fieldwork and their income depends as to how much they will be working.

Look at each of their own differences and common habits below.


  1. FetchImageA tradesman is a merchant who is also into selling or trading goods
  2. An estate agent is into marketing and selling condos that are for sale or for rent.
  3. Tradesman is into manual work, has the skill of doing the labor and usually sells their craft and owns a shop.
  4. An estate agent does have the skill in selling and marketing
  5. Estate agents are into selling buildings and houses.
  6. Tradesmen can also do the job of building and renovating houses.
  7. Estate agents and tradesman needs to be qualified in order to hire them. Meaning they should be licensed and has the proper training to do such job.
  8. Both kind of jobs are in demand.
  9. Tradesmen and estate agents may never run out of clients as this is a very demanding job
  10. Both kind of jobs needs to have training before they will be put into fieldwork


  1. Estate agents and tradesmen do have their own fees and cost according to their kind of job
  2. Tradesman is a broad kind of job. They can be in the field like construction, plumbing, contractors or engineers. Basically they do the manual job.
  3. Estate agents are more focused in selling and marketing of properties like buildings and houses.
  4. Estate agents also process documents for selling of a property
  5. Estate agents deals with commercial, residential and agricultural
  6. Estate agents creates their own software concerning sales and marketing
  7. Estate agents should be knowledgeable to the property that they will be selling. From the smallest detail up to the biggest one, like as to when the house or the building was constructed and if it has a good neighborhood. These and other things are what the estate agents needs to know.
  8. Tradesman are more focused into building and must be knowledgeable to the kind of materials and things that are needed for installing or construction perhaps.
  9. Tradesman needs to go through series of work before becoming a certified tradesman. Like it needs to be an apprentice before becoming a journeyman. This would take years to become one. After being a journeyman he can then be a Master and can already work on his own. Which means he can then set up his own business. Usually they work on their own or under a company.
  10. Estate agents undergoes training becoming an agent. After getting a series of training estate agents does have a license and can apply in having a business of their own. Also you may need some help moving after you sell your home



Though tradesman and estate agents have things in common and differences as well, both are focused in the business of selling. Selling goods and services are the most popular business nowadays. Many people will really benefit from his business. This is also a good source in gaining a huge profit.